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Everything is geared to your needs (Gigabyte) (Giga octet)

According to the most recent statistics (2015) from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), consumers use an average of 93 Gb of downloads each month. This explosion of consumption is attributed notably to the use of video on demand like Netflix and Tout.tv and the flux of music services continue like Spotify. If you use any of these services you should be considering a package of 150 Gb per month. In certain cases, especially for families, the package of unlimited volume could be advantageous.


A list of options to help you decide:

  Radio internet   0,128 Mbits   0,06 Gb/h
  Netflix SD   2 Mbits   0,9 Gb/h
  YouTube 480p   2,5 Mbits   1,1 Gb/h
  YouTube 720p   5 Mbits   2,3 Gb/h
  Netflix HD   8,3 Mbits   3,7 Gb/h
  Netflix Ultra HD 4K   25 Mbits   11,25 Gb/h

Gb = Gigabyte    Mbits = Megabits per second   Gb/h = Gigabyte per hour

The Ultra HD 4K... could take up your monthly allotment of data

Here’s the catch. The volume of data per hour required for the Ultra HD 4K.
At 25 Mbits, the consumption of video of the Ultra HD 4K level is 11.25 Gb/h. So, it would only take 10 hours of listening within this definition to surpass the volume of 100 Gigabyte.

Unlimited Volume Package.

This is why we are offering, an unlimited volume package to prevent monthly surcharges.
The unlimited volume package at 10$ per month, lets you use without buying a superior package.
Or 2$ per Gigabyte, up to 10$ a month.