Business profile

Télé-Fibre La Minerve (TFLM), the new business name of the company registered in 1976 under the name Association pour la Télédistribution et Radio La Minerve Inc. (APTR), is an independent cable distributor licenced by the CRTC, a member of the Fédération des Coopératives de Câblodistribution et Télécommunication du Québec (FCCTQ). This non-profit organization (NPO) currently offers only analog and digital television services in the heart of the village of La Minerve to more than 80 residences. An 11-member board of directors manages the company’s business and its directions from La Minerve. In 2015, the Board decided to submit a fiber-optic high-speed internet project to the home for the entire municipality of La Minerve and the Lac Labelle sector, from Nantel Road to the municipality boundary at Lac Brochet, more than 2,400 doors, project exceeding $ 6M. The organisation has obtained a $ 4M grant from the programs: Federal: Connect to innovate / Provincial: Québec branché, to carry out this project. An engineering firm Xit Telecom and a construction firm Madysta where hired to execute the turnkey project. Jobs will be created in the area and closed to home services will be offered. TFLM will offer High Speed Internet, HD Television, and Residential Telephone services. Deeply allergic to price increases and hidden fees, rates will be competitive and clearly announced and unsurprising. It must be noted that TFLM has no affiliations with the competition. It will be interconnected with DERYtelecom of Labelle who will act as a wholesaler for the services offered. DERYtelecom will provide technical assistance 24hours /7days with local assistance if necessary. Technologically, FTTH (Fiber To The Home) will enable the offering of High Speed Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbits and more. Right from the start, speeds of 10, 30, 50, 100 Mbits will be offered without any variations of speed or quality due to weather conditions, which is far from being the case with regard to the actual situation.


Our mission is to offer to residents of La Minerve and Lac Labelle sector,
a reliable service of cable distribution, as riche as varied, having bilingual content, adapted to the needs, with superior quality and at very competitive prices.