Conditions of use

Carefully read the following since this agreement is imposing your obligations.


TFLM commits itself to be a good network citizen. In order to help us protect service utility and allow our members to fully benefit from Internet, we ask you to read this document stipulating our policy in case of network abuse. Activities described hereinafter constitute a violation of the terms of use and could lead to the loss of service for the offender.

Terms of acceptable use prohibit the activities described in the policy below (“Terms”), but without being limitative. Terms of this policy may be changed at any time and without notice. It is of your responsibility to become aware of modifications made to the terms of acceptable use by consulting this page at regular intervals. If you have questions pertaining to the terms of use, do not hesitate to reach us at: For purposes of this document, “Internet host” means any computer or electronic device linked to Internet and “you” means any user of your TFLM account.

General terms of acceptable use

It is prohibited to use your TFLM account to conduct activities including, without limiting the generality of the following:

  1. Transmit unsolicited messages that, to the sole and entire discretion of TFLM, cause significant interruptions or generate complaints from Internet users;
  2. Harass users or groups in any manner;
  3. To usurp the identity of TFLM users or any other Internet service supplier in any manner;
  4. The downstream and upstream downloading, transmission, posting, broadcasting, reception, recovery, storage or any other form of reproduction, distribution or any other mean of accessing information, software or any other material (i) that is of confidential nature or protected by copyrights or any other intellectual property right without having first obtained the authorization from the holder of these rights, (ii) that is defamatory or obscene, contains juvenile pornography or hate literature, or (iii) that constitutes an invasion of privacy, an appropriation of personality or the establishment of an unauthorized link or framing;
  5. Transmit, receive, distribute or store any program or information designed to help the user to defeat protection against copying, recording or any other anti-theft mechanism associated with commercial or shareware programs;
  6. Transmit, receive, distribute or store any program or information designed to help the fraudulent use of telecommunications services;
  7. Use the resources of an Internet host in a way not authorized by administrators, including email transmission;
  8. Transmit chains of letters or send easy money or pyramid type offers in any manner;
  9. Display or transmit any information or software containing a virus, cancelbot, Trojan horse, worm or any other destructive or disruptive component.


In addition to these Terms, when you send emails, it is prohibited to conduct activities including, but not being limited to:

  1. Transmit unsolicited emails essentially similar or identical in content;
  2. Encourage or ease the transmission of unsolicited emails;
  3. Enclose an excessively long signature with your emails;
  4. Forge your email headers in any manner;
  5. Send emails to disrupt or provoke difficulties in receiving other emails.


TFLM has a zero tolerance policy pertaining to unsolicited email (flooding or spam). Acts contrary to conditions outlined in TFLM‘s terms of acceptable use may ensue the end of your service and lead to other penalties. The account owner is liable for any act coming from his account.

Clients who keep lists of opt-in emails must have a confirmation method of subscriptions and be able to provide this information as proof upon request from TFLM. To the discretion of TFLM, if no proof is provided, emails may be considered as unsolicited.

To its entire discretion, your supplier, TFLM, reserves the right to limit the number of recipients to whom the client sends email, the number of subscribers enrolled on a client’s list of opt-in emails and the number of messages a client may send or receive through the service.

Discussion groups / Forums

In addition to these Terms, when you post on a discussion group or forum, it is prohibited to conduct activities including, but not being limited to:

  1. Post publicity spots, commercial-type messages or unsolicited messages without having first obtained specific authorization unless such gesture is specifically permitted by the chart or FAQ;
  2. Post binary files or excessively heavy messages without have first obtained specific authorization unless such gesture is specifically permitted by the chart or FAQ;
  3. Post essentially identical messages in over ten discussion groups or forums;
  4. Enclose an excessively long signature with your messages;
  5. Forge your message headers in any manner.


Messages posted in a discussion group or forum must comply with the chart or FAQ the messages refer to. To the discretion of TFLM, if a posted message does not comply with the chart or FAQ, this message could contravene the Terms. Users of discussion groups or forums are responsible of become aware of rules of conduct prior to any posting.

IRC / On-Line Chat

In addition to these Terms, when you use an IRC chat or any other service, it is prohibited to conduct activities including, but not being limited to:

  1. Send commercial-type messages or that include any type of publicity spots in an unsolicited manner;
  2. Attempt a service denial attack, either automated using a robot or manually.


Furthermore, during the use of an IRC server or Internet chat service, you must comply with the terms of the server’s administrator in totality or partially.

Network / Security

In addition to these Terms, when you use your TFLM account, it is prohibited to conduct activities including, but not being limited to:

  1. Share your TFLM‘s user name and password for any reason whatsoever, including, but not being limited to, simultaneous dialup communication access from the same TFLM account;
  2. Make an Internet host incapable of answering to service requests from other hosts;
  3. Exploit and/or house server applications including, but not being limited to, HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP, Proxy/SOCKS, and NNTP;
  4. Analyze or penetrate into an Internet host’s security mechanisms;
  5. Forge any part of TCP/IP packet headers in any manner.


You are solely responsible for the security of your system. When you are connected to TFLM‘s service, you are prohibited from committing any act, intentionally or by negligence, which could compromise the security of your host in any way whatsoever.

Clients found responsible of having contravened the Terms could, at the discretion of TFLM, see their account cancelled or suspended and having to pay fees for additional services. Besides, any violation to Terms of acceptable use could consequently give rise to criminal and civil sanctions for its author. TFLM‘s service will offer total collaboration to law enforcement if their investigation requires it.

In the event that our personnel would receive several complaints pertaining to one or several violations to the Terms of acceptable use, processing fees per complaint received could be added to the account in addition to administration fees, to the discretion of TFLM.


Télé-Fibre La Minerve or TFLM is also known as L’Association pour la Télédistribution & Radio La Minerve Inc. (APTR).

Latest revision : January 2021